Puri, Lord Jagannath, Odisha
Lord Jagannath, Puri, Odisha
The Holy City of Lord Jagannath
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Gurudwara Arati Sahib, Puri

Gurudwara Arati Sahib, Puri

Gagan mein thaal

"Gagan mein thaal is an Aarti (prayer) in Sikh religion which was recited by first guru, Guru Nanak. This was recited by him in 1506 or 1508 at the revered Jagannath Temple, Puri during his journey (called "udaasi") to east India.This arti is sung (not performed with platter and lamps etc.) daily after recitation of Rehraas Sahib & Ardās at the Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar and at most Gurudwara sahibs. However, it is common among Nihangs to recite “Aarta” before arti which is a composition of prayers from each banis in Dasam Granth and to use lamps, flowers, conch shells, bells, incense at different parts of the ceremony “sankhan kee dhun ghantan kee kar foolan kee barakhaa barakhaavai”. This form of arti is also recited at Patna Sahib and Hazur Sahib.

Views of Ravindranath Tagore

"Famous saint poet of India Rabindranath Tagore was once asked by Balraj Sahni, who used to teach at Santiniketan then, that the way he has written the National Anthem of India, why doesn't he write one for the world? He replied that it has already been written. It was written in 16th Century by Guru Nanak, and this was sung by Guru Nanak Dev ji as Aarti at Jagannath puri to the lord (the omnipresent God).and that this anthem was not only for the world, but for the entire universe. He was so influenced by this aarti that he himself translated it into Bangla language.